Tim Freestone

Sydney, Australia

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Product Management
Business Development

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Founded 1 startup

About Tim

I am Tim, the co-founder of a Sydney and Manila based start-up called Astrepo (www.astrepo.com). Our event discovery technology helps you find out about events you'd be interested in happening near you, based on your social media profile. I take care of the business-side of things and my co-founder Adric takes care of the technology side of things.

Our first product was released fairly quickly and wasn't robust enough. We're nearing our second release of a massively improved piece of technology, which will more intelligently gather events from the web and better match them with our users. We are about 2 months away from re-launch and we need extra development resources to step it up a gear, get us to a successful launch, and beyond.

We are after a strong, full-stack developer with start-up experience, and the hunger to help build a fantastic product. You may be more of a front end guy or more of a back end guy - either or both is fine. Your technical skills must be excellent, but more importantly, you must be inherently motivated, extremely hardworking, and have the right mentality for a start-up; you lean towards 'doing' more than planning, you take the initiative, you solve the problem and you just get it done. Somehow, you just get 'it' done.

You'd likely work on this in your spare time, as we do, and you'd need to be able to commit at minimum 15 productive hours a week in the early days.

Adric and I both have strong experience in early to mid stage technology start-ups. Adric was a key cog in the development of Freelancer.com, rising quickly to Director level, having entered as the 4th person in the company and seeing it to IPO for $1B. Adric currently heads up the development team of another early stage technology company, based in Manila called Salarium. Salarium were recently winners of Seedstars World contest in Switzerland, taking home the $500 000USD prize.

I presently work in a management capacity with the leading hotel metasearch engine HotelsCombined, in a role that straddles the technology and business teams, in areas such as A/B experiments, website optimisations, competitor analysis, data science, relationship management, strategy and people management. I am also the Founder of GradTests, a provider of practice psychometric tests for uni students.

I hold a Bachelor of Commerce (Dean's Scholar) degree with first class honours and a Master of Finance. Adric holds a Bachelor of Computer Science and a Diploma of Screen.


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