Tim Goldstein

Englewood, Colorado, US

Tim's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Tim

I have started and run A2Z Corp (www.a2zcorp.us) as a "night job" for 10 years with me and from none to 10 employees daytime employees. It has grown and I am no longer able to cover all the tasks the business needs to grow.

At A2Z we are manufacturing, assembling, and packaging all our products here in the USA with the vast majority at our Englewood facility. Our products are mostly accessories and upgrades for tabletop sized metal working mills and lathes that target the rapidly growing movement of getting your hands dirty and making something as embodied in the "Maker" spirt.

We are well positions and have brand awareness in the booming Maker/STEM market. We have a great 7,000 sq ft building to work out of, we have equipment, webstore, products, a brand name. customers, dealers, sales and cashflow and are looking for the right partners, arrangement, or possibly sale to move the business past where I have capped out on my own efforts.

We also have about 1500 sq ft of light industrial space near Santa Fe and Oxford in Englewood to sublease.