Tim Hagerty

Chesapeake, Virginia, US

CEO TeamingPro.com - Looking for co-founder with connections
Tim's Skills
Software Sales
Software + Services
Software Business
Software Coding
Building Automation
Build Automation
Automation Tools
Business Intelligence
Building Strong Relationships
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Tim

CEO of teamingpro.com, Federal contracting service space. I am looking for a co-founder to help bring this to the next level. Teaming is a new vertical in the Federal contracting space.No one's really done it before besides one major player who is pricing most companies out of the market. I want to own this space so I need help in order to make that happen.

I am interested in strategic partnerships to help solidify my company's place in the market as well as PR to drive traffic.

If you are interested I am now ready to discuss your skills, connections and equity share.

P.S. - my co-founders can work from anywhere. If you happen to have press connections or major connections in the contracting space then that's just better.


Let the artist do what the artist do - Tim