Tim Hargis

Phoenix, Arizona, US

Tim's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Tim

Currently in Phoenix but am open to relocating quickly for the right opportunity. Serial entrepreneur - started precious metals company at 22 that did over $25 million in sales in 4 years before selling it. Very strong problem solver and creative thinker with marketing and branding. Overall, very easy to get along and work with and 100% committed to the right project. Managed over 25 employees with my last company so have strong teamwork and leadership skills. Time commitment is not a concern. Startups aren't about "credentials" or "degrees" - it's about being willing to do whatever it take to make it work.

Open to most all industries and ideas. Have a few of my own - one to disrupt the massive jewelry/precious metals industry (my background) and one in the video creation space.

Top 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35 in Arizona
Member of EO (founders of companies that do atleast $1 Million in annual revenue)

Video space idea has a prototype being buillt with an enterprise client already paying that has shown a strong demand in the market. Need technical development on this one. In Phoenix it is much more challenging for tech startups as the ecosystem isn't built out/established like it is in SF, NYC, etc. Open to other ideas as well if I feel I could add alot of value and believe in the long term prospects of the company.