Tim Jones

Princess Anne, Maryland, US

Tim's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Tim

I am looking for a co-founder/partner to help me take my product to the next level. I developed and patented the Drink Docker. www.drinkdocker.com I have been selling via the internet for a few years now. Sales have been mainly in the USA but also have sales in about 5 other countries. I have been testing the product and the market on a shoestring budget as to not load myself down with debt. The business is started, the market is huge and there is potential of product growth is very good. This product extends in to various fields. I also have other potential patentable ideas for future reference. I am a carpenter by trade but a problem solver/inventor by heart and am looking for help with things I am not familiar with. This is why I am looking for an honest knowledgible co-founder/partner with the skills and ability to invest in a business from the ground and watch it soar. Along with the Drink Docker comes the other ideas with the right connection.