Tim Lyons

Encinitas, California, US

Tim's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Tim

I have an idea that is very cool. It's exactly what we need to make a statement and some money. Let's put this $.99 Phone app in front of the preferred audience and watch it take off.

I have owned a few companies and I know how to take care of people. Help me give our clients what they want and we will be free to do what we want.

No idea is worth pursuing unless you have trusted people working with you. I need those people on my team before I go after any of the ideas I have been so lucky to come across.

I wish to make something happen that will benefit everybody involved. I hope that results in a return far greater than our partners and clients/customers expect.

Our time and focus is so valuable - Let's make good use of it.

Call me - 760-846-1750