Tim Scott

Austin, Texas, US

Tim's Skills
Product Management

About Tim

I'm a skilled and well-rounded developer. For the past 13 years I have been an independent consultant building apps for medium sized businesses and startups. I consider myself a polyglot technologist. The bulk of my experience is in .NET and Rails. Usually, I'm the guy who makes all the big architectural decisions, and I work on all parts of the app. I've done tons of advanced front-end work. I've been very active as an open source developer. I also have two iPhone apps in the App Store.

My work with startups has been both as employee and founder. I have some startup ideas, but yours are probably better than mine. Over the past year I've become a disciple of Lean Startup. I'm convinced it's medicine for many of ills that afflicted previous startups I've worked with. If you are my co-founder you should open to applying Lean Startup principles.