Timothy Glenn Roberts

Los Angeles, California, US

Building a tech company on some innovative patents
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Product Management
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Founded 2+ startups

About Timothy Glenn

I love start up companies, and now I am taking the leap creating my own technology company. We are well on on way with two founders a bunch of developers and world class partners and advisors. I am a business plan writer, road show warrior, business developer and product creator. I was trained as an analyst in air transportation and my first start ups were airline companies I evaluated for investment banks. Later I went to the NYU Graduate Acting Program, where I received my MFA. Though I was successful as an actor, strangely enough the start up world kept calling; I was the spokesman the successful Silicon Valley startups Transmeta (NASDAQ IPO) and Network Alchemy (Nokia Acquisition) among others, like Apple. Creating businesses that last became compelling to me so I went to the leading European business school EDHEC for my MBA to round out my skills. I have been working with start up and early stage companies since graduation. I am also a mountaineer, film maker and father of 3.

I am currently the CEO of an angel funded stealth mode company, our go to market product will launch soon. We have a couple patents pending and number of engagements in the pipeline. I am looking for a developer who loves design to bring development of our platform in-house, and marketer who has always wanted to build a business from early stage to household name. I believe diversity is strength, so I encourage people of all backgrounds to inquire.


"All happiness comes from the desire for others to be happy. All misery comes from the desire for oneself to be happy." - Shantideva



MBA Global Business

2010 - 2010

New York University


1990 - 1990

University of San Francisco

Bachelor of Science

1987 - 1987