Timothy Rost


Dallas, Texas, US

General Manager and Vice President R&D
Timothy's Skills
Product Management

About Timothy

My mission is to build highly successful companies chasing revolutionary ideas.

I am General Manager and Vice President R&D at Syndiant, an LCOS microdisplay / fabless semiconductor company working in the near-eye augmented reality / mixed reality, head-up display, and pico-projector space. In these roles I manage U.S. day-to-day operations while leveraging over a decade of electrical and software engineering experience to direct overall product development and lead the core technology teams.

Very business focused, I strive each day to create the conditions for my teams and the company to succeed. I have very high standards for myself yet remain down to earth and ready to help in any way. I found my niche in startups and creating technology for consumer electronics, but have wide interests ranging from financial markets to motorsport, and love talking about business strategy, macroeconomics, and global politics.

A native Texan, I went to Scotland for my Masters degree before moving to Finland where I fell in love with the country. This experience, coupled with frequent business trips to Taiwan and Thailand, reinforced a strong global perspective and desire to travel or live abroad.

I am open to interesting opportunities anywhere in the world.

Work Experience

General Manager

Syndiant, Inc

September 2014 - December 2016

Manage U.S. headquarters with responsibility for budgets, expenses, legal documents, human resources, and IT, while aligning with executive team based in Taiwan.

Vice President R&D


June 2014 - Today

Run overall product development with LCOS microdisplay IC design, ASIC, firmware, and liquid crystal teams. Provide direct technical support for key customers and escalated issues, develop color calibration algorithms and system setup knowhow to optimize image quality, and program application software in C#.

Director Algorithm and Software Development


January 2013 - June 2014

In addition to existing software and support responsibilities, directed algorithm and liquid crystal engineers before also taking on the ASIC / firmware team in December 2013. Led R&D during CTO 2-month leave of absence and shared responsibility with CEO for 9 months following CTO departure.

Director of Software Engineering


October 2011 - January 2013

Responsible for all software application development supporting LCOS microdisplay technology, sales, and customer engagements.

Senior Software Engineer


December 2005 - October 2011

Joined new LCOS microdisplay startup. My early contributions were to establish software development in the company, develop HDTV color calibration algorithms, and spend extensive time in Taiwan supporting customers and training the local engineering team. As Syndiant grew to include an application engineering team, my role focused on C# / .NET applications used in core microdisplay R&D and the production line testers.


University of Edinburgh

MSc Informatics

2003 - 2004

University of Texas at Austin

BS Electrical Engineering, BA Economics

1996 - 2000