Tino Barragan

Mountain View, California, US

Tino's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Tino

My product is a mobile application in the entertainment/hospitality industry. After many research attempts, I have yet to find a product that does exactly what we do. We are solving a problem. We have not launched the app yet. The app is almost nearly completed and ready to be tested. I have a good team in place. However, I know we are missing some leadership at the top. I am the current CEO. But my skills are in sales, customer retention, app/website features, and office operations within a start up. I am also responsible for the functionality of the app. I have a partner who is a lawyer and has worked as legal counsel for start ups before. We have an app developer. What we need is someone with experience launching mobile apps and internet businesses. We need help with our strategy to launch and with raising funds.