T.J. Demas

Boulder, Colorado, US

T.J.'s Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About T.J.

Former professional growth stock analyst (95-07) still managing portfolio(s), but pursuing the dream of creating the next big thing on the internet. Focus is primarily around changing the way we visualize the world and its 24 time zones in just 2 dimensions.

Looking for a technical developer to help me turn this vision into reality. To date I've utilized a small tech shop in Bangalore, but I'd really like to find someone in Boulder/Denver to accelerate the process. I'm considering going straight to an App like Instagram, but I don't really want to limit it to just that.

My concept is based around the geometry and symmetry of something called E8, which was successfully mapped on a supercomputer in 2007 (Google "E8"). It has far flung implications in grand unification physics (i.e. extra dimensions...), but I really want to put it to practical use. Turns out that since our eyes our round (not square or rectangular) that the most intuitive way to visualize global time is via round images - shocker. But nothing has ever been developed to make this simple and intuitive.

My goal is to create the largest database of "circular/round" images on the internet for people to share and utilize. My favorite quote as it relates to this objective is... "The voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new horizons, but in seeing with new eyes". If we can create something new/worth seeing, the global eyeballs will surely follow.