T.J. Prebil

Boston, Massachusetts, US

T.J.'s Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About T.J.

I'm a Boston-based entrepreneur seeking a seasoned developer/engineer/architect to partner with on a web-based B2B SaaS opportunity, one that doesn't need a million users to be profitable. The objective is to create a unique web-based collaboration tool for coworkers. The service is not a project management tool.

I've vetted the concept with two technology advisors, have a nearly complete business plan, wire frames and a high-level architecture diagram. Now I'm looking a talented and entrepreneurially-minded technology lead to handle the day-to-day development. Ideally, you'll have:

- excellent programming skills
- experience with development platforms
- the ability to design and develop a scalable database-intensive architecture
- deep knowledge of APIs and familiarity with Amazon Web Services

Interested? Please get in touch.