Toby Nwabueze

Sugar Land, Texas, US

Seeking for 5 cofounders willing to synchronize and rebrand Lecreativo, Inc.
Toby's Skills
Building Strong Relationships
Art Direction
Business Process
Business Planning
Business Development
Public Relations
User Experience

Startup Experience

First time founder

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About Toby

Hi, I'm Toby (Tobechukwu), a young entrepreneur working tirelessly to beat the milestone of fully rebranding my creativity startup (Lecreativo, Inc).

I am specifically in search of
a Full Stack developer,
a Virtual Reality producer,
a Sales/ e-commerce expert,
an E-Learning manager and
an Event booking personnel,
All willing to invest their time, synchronize, build and become cofounders of Lecreativo, Inc. (An abstractly flexible online creativity service provider, with a first of its kind business model)
Feel free to reach me on