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Sammamish, Washington, US

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Let me start by saying I am an idea person and this idea was just too good to "let lie" so here I am, founder of a start-up software company. I have a unique set of experiences that has allowed me to have great perspective and business acumen: management training program with AT&T, public accounting with Price Waterhouse Coopers, operations with Grace, a Fortune 100 company, sales and executive sales management in the telecom space, business owner and entrepreneur.

24 months ago I had an idea for a software as a service and had it developed; as of February 2017, v1 is ready for release in 30 days. I already have traction with a significant reseller that has 26 sales people and thousands of small business customers (SMBs). They are in a pilot program and the early results and feedback has been extremely positive. I've also forged an affiliate relationship with a good sized merchant services company. v2 is even more exciting and really creates a paradigm shift in the way SMBs will look at DIY website building. v2 is scheduled for launch May of this year. Everyone who sees what we are doing says things like "no brainer" and "why hasn't someone done this before?" It is an idea whose time has come and we will be the first to market. It certainly is an exciting time and I expect many to follow once we launch. Having said that, the strategy is to build a strong customer base with recurring revenue and exit within five years. Our projections are extremely conservative with a very significant valuation with less than a 2% market share. We can achieve significant valuation with a single reseller, and our goal is to have several... the market is extremely ripe to make a splash.

At this point the venture is entirely self-funded. One of the primary reasons I'm looking for a co-founder/adviser now is to help accelerate sales/growth so we can become self sufficient from revenues. We are currently out for funding with meetings scheduled the last week of February and will use the majority of any proceeds on sales and marketing. Of course, a co-founder/adviser also needs to have an excellent resume that includes a solid understanding of financials and be sales savvy in a SaaS environment. Prior start-up/funding and/or marketing experience a big plus. Having contacts to leverage into partnerships/resellers in the SMB arena is a must.


Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. - Thomas Edison

Work Experience

Operations, auditor, sales, sales management, executive management

AT&T, Grace, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Frontier, various telecom startups, business owner, operated several ecommerce websites

June 1986 - January 2017


Syracuse University

B.S. Business Administration

1983 - 1985