Todd Levinson

New York, New York, US

Todd's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Todd

I have a site that I've built with my own funding for the self improvement industry, which I have been heavily involved in during my career. The site needs to be modernized, and I am also taking the site in a slightly different direction than the original plan, which will require some strong technical skills. I'm looking for someone to bring their technical know-how and their passion to site's development and success. I've pitched the site to people connected to the tech industry and people connected to finance and I consistently get a lot of excitement in response. More important than their excitement is my own. For me, the site is not just a cool idea. It's something I deeply believe in because I care about helping people to improve their lives. I'm looking for a partner to help to bring the ideas more completely to fruition, someone who is also looking to have a positive and major impact on people's lives.