Sami , Founder

Programmer, Engineer, Product Manager

Tokyo, Japan

Sami is looking to join a startup

Sami is looking to join a startup

Can commit to working

20 hours per week

Is able to invest

Can offer equal investment ($5,000 - $15,000)

Relevant industries

Mobile Technology


Product Management
Managing People

About Sami

I'm looking for ideas and passion to start working together on a company that can grow to immense proportions.

I am computer oriented and technical in nature and as such can solve (my self or get it done by others) just about any problems within IT field. My career has widened in recent years from a total nerd developer to an active programmer & manager with valuable lessons taken from real life to make things happen, especially through obstacles, and still not ever quitting my job until a product was complete and satisfactory. I'm also keen on delivering what customers really need and want to thank me for, and it makes me rapidly unhappy when we are diverging from working towards penultimate growth through quality and customer happiness.

I need someone with skills that I lack as co-founder. Aside from that I need someone who shares a driving need to succeed himself and to make the world a better place with our entrepreneurial input; working together on producing and marketing products for niche-markets that we can identify as growing and to take command of them with professional grade continuous long term efforts with monopoly in mind.

If world dominion, empire building, and/or hegemony and similar ideas describe your inner drive then I might consider your ambitions as worthy of my time.


University of Eastern Finland

Computer Science

- 2007