Tom Austin

Los Angeles, California, US

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Business Development
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Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

About Tom

I graduated from Wharton in 1993 with a degree in finance. I was one of three cofounders of AND 1, a basketball brand that peaked at over $200 million in global sales.

I am currently the co-founder of We use assessments, machine learning and company data to predict culture fit, longevity and performance before you hire. We have 2 alpha clients, including Viking River Cruises.

We are a team of seasoned, mature entrepreneurs looking for a programmer who can grow into a CTO - ideally a) from a top school or top notch past professional experience, b) with at least 5 years of work experience. I need partners who are a) mature / compatible, b) professional and c) really, really good at what they do.

I can finance the prototype building. But would prefer someone who can match my investment. I am open to a host of ideas and industries. I believe in first who then what. I am just in the beginning stages of looking for the right partner. There are many industries of interest to me.

I am also available as an advisor. And I currently am an advisor to start-ups through Mucker Lab and Start Engine here in LA. I am also well connected to many of the other seed stage funding 'best in class' incubators and accelerators.


Wharton / Upenn

BSE, Finance

1993 - 1993


MFA - Cinematic Arts (Writing)

2011 - 2011


MA - Developmental Psychology

2008 - 2008