Tom B

Menlo Park, California, US

Tom B's Skills
Product Management

About Tom B

I'm an experienced technical CEO who has launched 2 companies prior to this (one of which was acquired). Our team has architected and already launched a new product in the newest, hottest, area of mobile commerce (where Apple and Google are both releasing new products as we speak).

This new market is technically complex and our team has built a strong back-end engine which we can use to launch multiple new product lines -- or license to others as middleware. We have already filed provisional patents on core mechanisms.

There are hundreds of other tech and e-commerce firms looking at this space and we have a solution that they can use to get up to speed. We need a biz dev/marketing person who can help us get in front of these other people with the right solution. This won't be easy of course, no marketing is, but it's going to be big, and a lot of fun.

We are looking for a sales/marketing co-founder who is strong in enterprise, e-commerce, and partnerships.