Tom Daniel

Lexington, Kentucky, US

Tom's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Tom

My skills in the troubleshooting process, as well as my perfectionism and vision for finding the best technological solutions, help to provide a pleasurable computing experience. I am always keeping myself up-to-date on all current technologies, especially cybersecurity, so that I can recommend the most secure, practical and future-proof tech solutions. Alongside my technical interests, I enjoy growing my knowledge of the world and pondering solutions to the greater philosophical problems facing humanity.

My ultimate vision beyond this company is to transform the world into better place. My greatest passion is to make a positive impact on the many critical problems facing humanity. Building this company will bring the experience and resources needed in order to have the largest impact possible. I truly believe that we currently have all of the knowledge necessary to end poverty and guide us to prosperity. However this knowledge has not yet been organized in such a way for this to happen.

I am searching to build a small team of passionate entrepreneurs dedicated to capturing the opportunities paved by the expansion of technology into our lives. Peradym is focused on a new simple way to interact with your money without the digital or physical limitations of current options. Ease of use, security, and reliablity are fundimental values for the customer experience. Our company vision is to remove financial barriers by creating a very simple, currency agnostic, international mobile wallet. In order to achieve this our highest need in a co-founder is someone with the industry and startup experience.

We follow a philosophy that’s customer focused, being really good at one thing, embracing change, encouraging individuality and self-expression, and striving for simplicity. We value all of Humanity and the equilibrium of life. Having the individual and Humanity's best interest in mind helps to break the negative feedback cycles in society to create positive feedback cycles. Not only is this good for Peradym, it’s good for all.

Elon Musk and Steve Jobs turned their wildest dreams into possibilities. Will you join me to follow in their footsteps?


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