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Santa Cruz, California, US

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We have developed a robotic system that allows a pickup truck to actually PICK-UP. Our system can Load, Unload, and also Dump its cargo. The system uses our patented 'PowerLoader' and any one of or our patented 'AppDecks', which come in a variety of configurations depending on the customer's application. Our customers include Federal and State governments, Municipalities, Fire and Police departments, Military, Construction companies, and Consumers. The 'AppDeck' can be removed from the 'Powerloader' and used to dolly the cargo from one place to another. This system, for example, allows a city worker to exchange their 'Park & Lawn Maintenance' AppDeck with their 'Road Work & Pothole Repair' AppDeck in seconds, and all by remote control. This reduces the number of trucks and people needed, reduces injuries, and saves the city time and money. The system is primarily made of aluminum extrusions, is powered by 24V motors and lithium ion batteries, and is controlled by our own software. Our prototypes are fully functional and ready for demonstration.

Work Experience


Eidsmore Enterprises

January 2003 - January 2013

As a lover of cars and trucks I decided to get my vehicle dealer's license while attending school. Soon after I started buying at wholesale vehicle auctions. After noticing that my high end vehicles were being purchased mostly by Chinese exporters I decided to start exporting myself. I formed partnerships with exotic car dealerships in China and soon became their primary source of inventory. They appreciated my knowledge and expertise in Ferrari, Porsche, and Mercedes and over time trusted that the cars I sold them were the very best examples available. In addition to exotics I also exported trucks, SUVs, and armored vehicles.


University of California Santa Barbara


1999 - 2003


Financial Modeling

Joe Kennedy