Tom Hart

Bristol, United Kingdom

Tom Hart's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Tom Hart

My name's Tom and I'm a hard worker. I've worked hard in every job I've had and am loyal to the point of foolishness. I'm 21 years old with experience in Sales and Marketing Development at 2 software companies (SaSS and Big Data). Young but imaginative and driven. My skills lie in strategy, networking and negotiation.

I'm fascinated with new technologies and apps but sadly don't know a line of code. I have an idea for an app to complement the events industry which builds on existing technology but is also completely new to the apps marketplaces or online. The business plan is drafted but not finalised until quotes can be attained. I have some connections in the industry that would be helpful to us.

Currently seeking somebody with experience in coding/programming/creating applications to share the company and build this from the bottom up together. Must be energetic, honest and as hard-working as me.

I have a full time job but can give my weekends and evenings to start with and although I said I am loyal, I also have no qualms with quitting my job if this goes well. Please respond if you think this could be for you, at least to meet for coffee and talk it through.