Tom Homewood

San Jose, California, US

Tom's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Tom

Our vision is to build a set of self-adapting cloud-based, mobile subscription-based tools for parents of autistic kids, to help parents manage the i) treatment, ii) education, and iii) legal/tax/financial plans of their kids, as well as iv) to navigate to (often via referral by other parents/vendors) the providers of the other everyday services and products they need to purchase for their autistic child.

We envision building our app into something like a combination of the's planning tools and Angie's List's vendor marketplace, but for parents of autistic kids.

In addition to my personal experiences as an autism parent (my son Liam was diagnosed at age 2, 5 years ago), we have done focus grouping with our target customers and potential partners who have each validated the problem and our solution to it. We are currently refining our product-market fit through a series of A/B test market trials, where we've been getting good traction with customers signing up so far, based on our wire-frames for the app.

My cofounder and I have:
- extensive startup experience in cloud, mobile, and consumer internet products
- extensive sales/biz dev experience in building partner ecosystems and successful business plans
- Wharton MBA, MIT BS (in design), US Air Force Academy and USC Masters of Operations Research degrees
- (and a decent sense of humor, as well.... or we try, anyway)

We are looking for a full-stack developer who is both i) particularly strong on back-end cloud-based databases and big data analytics, and ii) who has some kind of personal connection to autism. Ideally such a person would be our technical co-founder and take us to an MVP / working prototype in-market, launch, revenue and seed funding.

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