Tom Johnson

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Smart Grid Critical Infrastructure Startup
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About Tom

Founder of Startup focusing on Hardened Solutions for Critical Infrastructure.

Initial target markets:
1) Smart Grid
2) Military Smart Grid
3) Everything else that shouldn't be hacked*

* Our technology has much broader applications...but let's walk first.

1) Hardened GUI for <undisclosed> application (MVP Stage)
2) Hardened Network Stack
3) Hardened SCADA for Smart Grid
4) TBD...

1) Exp. Entrepreneur & Smart Grid comm systems expert.
2) MIT Unix Admin reliability expert (CompSci, FinCom)
3) You. Influential Visionary to help us break down doors.
               ...more likely to wear steel-toed boots than Oxfords.


Cyber War I has already begun. - Niall Ferguson 2017-03-13

Work Experience

Smart Grid Researcher

Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems

March 2016 - April 2017

Responsible for communication subsystem design and implementation for a cutting-edge Smart Grid project in Eastern Massachusetts. This system balances energy generation, storage, and consumption for a geo-electrical region. Integrated myriad devices into a coherent system design. System functions included Smart Grid Inverter control (real power, reactive power, ride-through, alarms, monitoring,etc.); Energy Storage System control (charging, discharging, battery management); aggregate-level Demand-Response (using OpenADR Interfaces); weather station and environmental monitoring; switchgear; etc. Served as a subject-matter expert for communications subsystem design for a small team charged with making this system a reality. Team included representatives from the national solar energy service company, the local electric utility, SCADA system integrator, equipment manufacturers, and Fraunhofer CSE, the research organization charged with managing the project.

Solar Communications Specialty Consultant

Arc Informatique (PcVue)

March 2015 - April 2016

Developed software tools to enable a SCADA system to automatically recognize and model various solar devices on a fieldbus (inverters, batteries,smart combiners, wx stations, environmental sensors, concentrators, etc).

Solar Monitoring Team Manager

Solectria Renewables

December 2011 - February 2014

Promoted from Product Manager (after successful NRTL testing of new string combiner product) to Monitoring Team Manager within six months. Organized then managed a brand-new team from disparate functions. Team was responsible for: embedded system development, data monitoring (over 3000 devices), web development, S-Rec Agency reporting, DOE Smart Grid project, next-gen inverter communications research (Canbus, Fiber), standards development (among first to adopt SunSpec), second-level customer support, ad-hoc reporting for internal functions, etc.


New Power Labs

June 2009 - December 2011

Founded this company to provide innovative power metering devices for commercial applications. Participated in the 2011 CleanTech Open (quarter-finalist). Accepted into the ATMC Incubator in Fall River, MA and utilized grad student intern talent to commercialize the first prototypes (schematics, layouts, plastics.) I was expanding the team when I received an early-stage buyout offer from Solectria. New Power Labs was acquired by Solectria Renewables in March 2012.

Embedded Systems Engineer

Controls Plus USA

September 2006 - June 2010

Developed embedded products for motor control and sensing applications. Experience with bare-metal software development on PIC microcontrollers, Linux soft real-time systems on single-board computers, schematics, multi-layer PCB layout, component selection, i2C and SPI buses, various sensors, plus communications systems work including ethernet, ZigBee wireless, and RS-485.


CleanTech Open


Co-working Space

Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Center (Incubator)

2010 - 2012