tom oconnor

Vancouver, Canada

I'm a hardworking Dev, that can get creative and is very exploratory and high in openness
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About tom

I have over 15 years of experience and am a passionate product orientated, autodidactic, left brain / right brain Developer. I believe the path to a strong product consists of code standards, reading the API, playing a role on a team and following an effective design pattern.

I lived 11 years off passive income from my own software product, before working the last 3 years for startups and enterprises....

I am technical, and excel at building systems, solving problems, and learning new things.

I am interested in creating a SAAS or some other type of software product. I have a few ideas, (and am open to working with a partner that may have better / different ideas).

I think that execution and finding the right partner is the most important thing for me, I have a lot of strengths and am looking for someone to complement my weaknesses.

I am looking for someone who can be the business leader, marketer, and good at managing the day to day. Someone who is high in conscientious, and will leave me to work on the code and product; though I appreciate that product requirements need to be a collaborative effort between business and engineering.

My thinking on product design is the best idea wins. And that less is more, too many features can ruin a product.

I believe in "Worse is Better", finding real world problems that need to be solved, and deploying and iterating ASAP, to start getting feedback and incorporating it.

I love to travel and am currently "nomadic", mostly I work from co-working spaces and coffee shops.


Make things as simple as possible but no simpler. - Al