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Tom Parker

Product Manager, Marketer, Business Developer

Charlotte, North Carolina, US


About Tom

Very experienced at creating and developing products and selling them to different audiences - ability to translate complex to simple for different audiences. I am particularly good at selling to finance people and can speak their language when seeking capital (i.e. translating ideas into numbers and "proving" them). Personally I have build teams from scratch and I have a good group of followers that would work for me from many different functional areas (I have done Operations, finance, marketing, product development, and strategy consulting). I also have a large network of Execs (CEOs) at multi-nationals in many industries and a robust network of PE connections to draw from for advice/guidance on concepts.

I am currently exploring an idea with a partner in the legal services space (law is transforming!). We have made progress against some concepts, including wireframed market-based researched. Quite simply, we lack a technical co-founder and want to find the right person to start helping us execute.