Tom Sherlock

Los Altos, California, US

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I have been doing the mechanical end of product development here in silicon valley for seweral decades. I can get a product put together, but require a circuit designer who is also versed in various electronic music and hobby formats. (MIDI, Arduino, Raspberry Pi)
This will be in support of an initial product for a Kickstarter campaign. The product is a universal keyboard controller that will be suspended from a neck-strap, held like a sandwich or pair of binoculars, and be capable of being used as a typing keyboard, an AR game controller, a musical instrument, or whatever controller the user choses to program the keys and controls to accomplish. This device will work in conjunction with a smartphone and a head mounted display. Follow on products will incorporate more processing power, with the ultimat goal of bringing full PC capability to a user who is walking, standing, or otherwise unable to open a laptop. Preliminary concepts may be seen at