Tom Thomson Jones

Design, Business Development, Operations

London, United Kingdom


Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

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About Tom

I've brought-up two startups, one in the events industry which unfortunately never hit the market and the other in the alt-fi space which is currently at the MVP stage. We are a few weeks from launching a mobile alternative finance aggregator, Pip, aiming to connect investors to new opportunities and explore new markets.

I started off quite young with the first, 19, so I've gone through a heap of ups and down and wide-ranging learning curves.

I've always been the guy to explore and learn as much and as many skills as possible, hopefully to put to good use on the way - become the human penknife!


'Do or do not, there is no try' - Yoda


Creative tech-head, eager to explore and learn.

Work Experience



December 2016 - January 0

A new mobile crowdfunding investment marketplace promoting the discovery and exploration of new alternative finance opportunities and market.


Regent's University

1st Class BA Global Business and Design Management

2012 - 2014

European Business School

MA Management and Entrepreneurship

2016 - 2017