Tomas Custer

Portland, Oregon, US

Media Mastermind @Accompany : Idea Imaginer (Strategist & Builder : Entrepreneur & Artist) : Curation Evangelist

About Tomas

Creative intelligence combined with an affable, down-to-earth personality and leadership in the form of big-picture vision and nuts-and-bolts execution.  I have successfully conceived, led, produced, managed, enhanced and enabled ideas across a broad range of organizations from business to media to education. I innovate and solve.

In other words, I am a digital professional (a strategist) with experience and accomplishments in communications, content, web/mobile design and development, management, production, marketing, journalism, social media, information architecture and user experience. I am a curation evangelist, a strong believer in demographics and diversity, a Hispanic news advocate and now a Cannabis News Pioneer.

Work Experience

Media Mastermind


June 2015 - December 2016