Tomas Rainbolt


Vaughan, Canada

Always ready for a challenge!
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First time founder

About Tomas Rainbolt

I'm looking for someone to partner up on a great project that will soon be pursuing funding from YCombinator or another accelerator or Angel funding through exhaustive networking endeavors. I need to find a partner that is enthusiastic about becoming part of something big and ready to disrupt an industry.

My web design and development experience has ranged from working with one of the world's largest CPA networks, online dating and building and maintaining an e-commerce site for an up and coming sports nutrition company (from $1k/mo to $2M/mo).

I've seen how systems have worked and how these same systems have failed, which has provided me with many ideas to pursue. With my most recent experience paving the way I am now ready to pursue taking my project to the next level, but my skills will not be enough on their own.

Work Experience

Lead Designer / Front-end Programming / Email Design Inc.

August 2003 - August 2007

Creative Director / UIX

Evolve Networks Inc.

August 2007 - March 2009

Technical Director

Blue Star Nutraceuticals

April 2009 - November 2015

Senior Front-end Developer / UIX

Orchard Labs Inc.

May 2016 - March 2017


University of Wyoming


2016 - 2016

Co-working Space


2016 - 2017