Tonia Toska

Chicago, Illinois, US

Tonia Toska's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Tonia Toska

Looking for an additional technical co-founder or someone with strong experience in UX/UI and Design. You should have:

- A solid understanding of SaaS
- Ability to commit time into an accelerator (3mos-1year) in another state, if necessary.
- Understanding/Adaption of Lean business model principle.
- Highly organized
- Able to network and strong follow-through

My company is gearing up for prototyping and a beta launch. I've put a significant amount of time into the business. Majority of the work has been done in-house by myself and some of it outsourced. I'm looking for a co-founder that can compliment my weaknesses. Additionally, I'm looking for someone who has interest in joining an accelerator; understanding the benefits and time commitment.

Software as a service is a fiercely growing market. My SaaS product has captured a way to significantly monetize the market and actually make it more cohesive.

I've recently attended a Women Tech Founders event and received strong validation. I am currently in the prototype phase and will soon start pitching/filling out applications. This is a great opportunity for someone that has interested in joining a team that embodies the spirit of both social good and high growth.


DePaul University

Public relations and advertising

2009 - 2009