Tony Wasserman

San Francisco, California, US

Prof. Software Management Practice at Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley; open source researcher

About Tony

Prof. Software Mgmt, Carnegie Mellon Silicon Valley; Founder/CEO, Interactive Development Environments; Director, Open Source Initiative.


You can't be a leader if you can't get anyone to follow you - me

Work Experience

Member, Board of Directors

Open Source Initiative (OSI)

April 2010 - April 2016

Professor of Software Management Practice

Carnegie Mellon University - Silicon Valley

June 2005 - Today

I led development of our MS program in Software Management, and have created and taught numerous courses, including Software Product Definition, Software Product Strategy, the Business of Software, Open Source Software, and (most recently) The First Time Manager. My research is focused on open source software, notably the OSSpal project for helping people find and evaluate open source software. I serve as an advisor to several startups, and as a judge for some local startup competitions.

Vice President

Bluestone Software (acquired by HP)

April 2000 - August 2002

Ran the West Coast R&D Lab for New Jersey based Java Enterprise Edition vendor. My team built an innovative and successful tool that allowed mobile devices to access Java Enterprise Edition apps, and was working on another product for mobile access to web services when HP killed the entire Middleware Division.

Founder, CEO (until 1993), and Chair

Interactive Development Environments (IDE)

March 1984 - November 1996

Interactive Development Environments (IDE) was the developer of the award-winning Software through Pictures (StP) integrated multi-user design environment, which generated code snippets and interface structures from graphic models (Dataflow Diagrams, E-R models, Structured Design, UML, etc.). I founded and ran the company, obtaining VC funding, growing it to about 200 people in four countries, and driving the product roadmap. StP ran on a distributed heterogeneous network of Unix and VMS workstations, and was the first product to implement a shared repository for design and code information.


University of Wisconsin - Madison

PhD, Computer Sciences

1966 - 1970