Tor Erik Linnerud

New York, New York, US

Former AlphaSights Technical Director & Software Engineer
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First time founder

About Tor Erik

I believe that a patient should be in possession of their data at all times. There should be nothing stopping them from sharing it with a provider of their choice.

By adopting the principle that patient owns their own data we can hope to break out of the status quo of incompatible systems where data is often lost by obscurity or difficulty of access.

My experience to date centers around building reliable information systems. I've led teams to build working, high quality software. I want to apply this understanding to make healthcare simpler, safer, cheaper and more secure.

Work Experience

Technical Director


September 2014 - January 2016

Led the global AlphaSights engineering function, built a recruiting and professional development pipeline and grew the function to more than 30 full time employees.

Technical Director


January 2011 - December 2012

I helped take AlphaSights from 4 to 400 employees and annual revenue from $0 to $60M. In 2013 I moved to New York to expand the engineering function globally, whilst continuing to oversee the existing London team.

Software Engineer


September 2008 - December 2010

I led the the development of core applications. Our stack components were Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL and in more recent years also EmberJS and ReactJS. For search we used both Solr and Elasticsearch. As the number of applications grew we standardised on GraphQL for both client/server and server/server communication and RabbitMQ for async messaging.

Software Engineer


July 2006 - July 2007

ARM is a leader in microprocessor Intellectual Property, known for their RISC CPU cores and instruction set ubiquitously used in mobile devices such as the iPhone. At ARM I developed software with Ruby and Rails to provision ARM hardware and perform automated tests.


University of Bath

B.Sc. Computer Science

2004 - 2008