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Startup Experience

First time founder

About Ash

An investment banking and private equity professional who left the dark-side to pursue a passion for creating value-added products and services targeted towards making people's lives easier and more connected.

After a few years of M&A banking at a leading investment bank, I joined one of the world's largest fund of funds where I had direct exposure and dialogue with some of the world's top investors and their portfolio company CEOs. This is where I honed a sharp eye for investing and learned what is needed to make a good company extraordinary. It’s also where I caught my entrepreneurship bug!

I've worked with start-ups previous to joining the corporate world. My first involvement was with a financial modeling program aimed at teaching students across Canada the financial modeling basics they need to secure careers in capital markets-related fields. This was similar to Wall Street Prep, although more relevant and affordable.

I'm currently looking to join a fun, creative, customer-centric start-up that is either near launching or has launched their product/service, and looking to expand their business. The ideal team is just as hungry and foolish as I am - they don't settle for "no" and open to rapid change. I typically shy away from app-based businesses. Anything in the telecom, media, financial services, and ecommerce space has a special place in my heart.