About Rock

I am a professional accountant currently working and living in Toronto. One day, while I was riding the long and dreadful TTC to work, I came across an article on the success of Uber and how companies like Uber and Airbnb have cultivated a whole new industry by utilizing idling man power and assets. This triggered me to come up with an idea in an industry that is obvious and yet surprisingly under served. Since then, I've done the market research and conducted some peer survey to further validate my idea, the response was positive. I've also drawn up a business plan to map out what is needed to get this business off the ground. However, as I am a professional accountant, my technical background/knowledge in website design and data architecture is limited.

The partner I am looking for is someone who have designed a similar interface in the past and understands the complexity involved in the back end. The ability to design and understand the connection between the interface and back end is crucial.

Currently, I have a partner whom already operate a successful business (in the traditional format) in the targeted industry. He will provide the technical expertise relating to the industry and I am responsible for operations and business development. YOU would join us as a CTO, and will be responsible for developing and maintaining the website and all other technical related issues.

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