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Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Navid

I get paid to design products and have founder skills in user experience design and strategy. I am the lead designer for a top 10 medical company. I have won an award for an application design by the Nielsen Norman group. My experience in two other startups was as a founder and CEO, one startup was very similar to the disruptive technology/company OPower. We were first to patent and design a solution but OPower scaled much better.

I currently am interested in founding a company that uses artificial intelligence technology. This is the next big thing. I am less interested in developing core AI technology, but in rather finding creative uses to apply it. OF course, I have ideas and would love to meet an engineer who wants to work together seamlessly on them.

On the other hand, I am open to your ideas as well and helping you craft your business if it somehow uses AI technology.


Brown University

B.Sc. Neuroscience

1995 - 1995

University of Waterloo

Masters, Computer Science

1998 - 1998