David Son , Intern

Toronto, Canada

David is looking for an internship

About David

Can commit to working

50 hours per week

Dates available

From 11/19/2014 to 05/01/2015


Will consider an unpaid internship

Recent accomplishments

I'm a former exotic derivatives trader with functional programming, statistical modelling, and entrepreneurial skills.
* Created data analytics tools for a billion dollar business from ground up using Haskell and SQL and trained and handed over various components of the application to full time developers
* designed scenarios for a trading game
* Learned python, CSS, Django


About David

I'd like to become better at rapid prototyping web apps and mobile apps that could impact the world. I currently do this with a small group that doesn't have much tech experience, so would like work with a dedicated or experienced team on applications that have gained some momentum.


University of Toronto

Chemical Engineering

- 2005