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Product Manager, Business Developer, Programmer

Toronto, , Canada


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Bob

Looking for Front-End web developers!

I want to start a boutique firm that builds beautiful analytics for organizations. Insightful analytics generated by powerful statistical algorithms can greatly increase the confidence in business decisions. I have built and implemented supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms for clients in a variety of industries. I have also deployed automated algorithms that allow for what-if type scenarios and am now considering entrepreneurship.

I am a true technologist and love writing code. I also have a strong sales and client service background.

I have an idea for an analytics solution that is cheaper than what is available in the market and more flexible to deploy. What I lack is the ability to build secure and beautiful client facing websites that can paint a compelling picture of the business. Additionally, if you are well versed in d3.js and other visualization libraries, we will be a hit. I envision the initial team to be small and well-differentiated team of no more than 3 or 4 people.

A bit more about me and my endeavours:

While I am looking for a co-founder, I am looking for a tinker-er like myself who I can be friends with and can build cool products with. If we fail, let's fail spectacularly. If we succeed, lets curate it and refine it like there's no tomorrow. I am not going to lose sleep if this doesn't work out.

Broke college students with talent are welcome [I was there at one point, I understand]



University of Calgary

Applied Mathematics

2015 - 2015