Torsor Kotee

Business Development, Fundraising, Finance

San Francisco, California, US


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About Torsor

Throughout my MBA experience, I spent extensive time studying the $520B U.S higher education market and it's fascinating the disruption that is happening there.

Many students are finding it challenging to realize the benefits from higher education costs (program + course materials), which have been growing faster than the median family income over the last year. It’s unsustainable.

There is a movement taking place. Students are no longer accepting the status quo and are actively seeking alternatives to better themselves. This is forcing incumbents (programs and textbook publishers) to rethink their business models in order to protect themselves from the growing number of startups seeking to disrupt the space.

I'm betting that higher ed program offerings will become more unbundled and that the textbook will be replaced with something that is more interactive, engaging, and affordable.


Founder in Startup in an Edtech Stealth Mode

Work Experience

Graduate Student Instructor

UC Berkeley Haas

September 2016 - September 2015


UC Berkeley Haas

MBA in General Management with a focus on Entrepreneurship, Strategy, Finance, and Leadership

2015 - 2016