Tracy Pateras

London, United Kingdom

Trained in the beauty industry. Expert in communication and relationship building with people


Let your faith be bigger then your fears - Dr. Cynthia Johnson

Tracy is looking for an adviser who

Has these skills

Start-up Ventures
Start-up Programs
Environment of Care
Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS)
Environmental Communications
Finacial Management
Final Accounts
Financial Software Development
Software Development Tools
Software Development
Mobile Apps
Mobile Applications
Mobile Application Design
Skin Care
Makeup Artistry
Consultative Services
Consultative Approach
Consultative Style
Private Consultations
Collective Consultation
Creative Consultation
Consultation Skills
Communication Skils
Communication Skills
Communication Development
Communication Consulting
Communication & relationship-building skills. Listen attentively
Customer Success
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Service Training
Customer Service Management
Customer Service Excellence
Customer Service
Hair Care
Product Management
Public Relations