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Chicago, Illinois, US

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About Travis

I have worked on tech starts-up in the restaurant, education, and capital equipment industry. Recently completing the Chicago Lean Start-up Challenge. In between start-ups (some successful and others not), I spent four years in trade finance working with companies around the world in mining, construction, oil & gas, alternative energy, and sow production industries.

I recently had to raise money for my Mom who is going through chemo treatment. During this time a friend and I got to thinking about fundraising and non-profits, which led to conversations with some of the largest USA non-profits. From these conversations Tribal Impact was born. The key problems non-profits have are connecting, engaging, and empowering supporters. They solve these to varying degrees. Our mobile centric platform provides non-profits the tools they need to effectively lead their tribe and empower supporters to make an impact on the causes they care about. To incentivize action, we have added a gaming component using the bitcoin technology to create our own crypto-token which is distributed based upon Proof of Impact.

Non-profits have a lot of problems, not only to solve, but in order to be more effective in making an impact on their causes. We are excited about the chance to make a dent in the universe with Tribal Impact, but need a tech cofounder(s). Come make a dent with us!!


Indiana University - Kelley School of Business


2008 - 2008