Travis Downs

New Brunswick, New Jersey, US

Travis's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Travis

Hello, my name's Travis. I'm a graduate from Rutgers Business School with a main focus in entrepreneurship, which covers all aspects of building a business, from financials to management to marketing. My forte lies in creating relations, making presentations, and generally acting as the guy who gets other people excited about a product. I'm also skilled at financials and creating marketing materials, if needed. I currently work at a crowd-funding consulting firm performing competitive analysis and financial projections, as well as presenting these findings to the clients we take on (so if you need funding for your company, hit me up as well!)

I'm looking for a co-founder who will serve as a CTO who can actually build the product I've envisioned. The main duties will be programming and development. The product's features include a (rather large) database, the ability to create a custom list of preferred items from that database, and the ability to send out messages with recommendations based on those preferred items daily. To be totally honest, I know next to nothing about any of that stuff, so I don't exactly know what kind of programming you'll have to be skilled in.

I don't expect any capital investment from you because we won't need any - this will be an extremely lean operation while starting out, as the only tools we'll need are our computers and our skills. First I'll need you to create a basic prototype which I'll present to investors to receive funding to salary a remaining team of developers you and I will assemble. After that, growth will be propelled by sales - for each account I land, I'll be able to hire the necessary remaining positions (and those positions will only need to be filled as accounts are landed). I need this individual to be just as passionate about the business, as I can currently only offer equity as compensation for your work. You and I will be paid last, but once I explain the projections, I don't think you'll view that as an issue.

I plan to maintain majority share of the company, but you'll receive the main hunk of the remaining portion, with each of us surrendering equity that is a flat percentage of our original holding (so if you hold 25%, and I give up 10% of the company to investors, you'll only give up 2.5%, leaving you with 22.5%).

Anyway, hit me up if you're interested in being my CTO, if you think I'd be a good fit for your own company, or if you're seeking funding to get your venture off the ground!