Travis Steffen

Venice, California, US

Travis's Skills
Product Management

About Travis


I'm Travis Steffen (UX and growth specialist) and my co-founder is Simon Turner (RoR developer and system architect). We’ve been working together for 6 years and had a successful exit together in February of 2014. We’ve now built UP (, the world’s first gamified, incentivized virality platform for both webmasters and site visitors. We've also got a great RoR and database developer named Zoran, and an incredible JavaScript developer named Anton.

For webmasters, UP is a robust set of sharing tools, data dashboard, and DIY rewards to increase your site’s viral factor with minimal custom development. For users, UP is a fun social game allowing you to earn points for sharing your favorite sites. The more your network interacts with what you share, the more points you get.

UP has a SAAS freemium model granting webmasters access to certain features for free with more powerful options for a monthly fee.


UP’s technology stack is Ruby on Rails, Twitter Bootstrap, JQuery, and Angular. We’ve been building UP on RoR for over a year now and we have a solid, well architected codebase.

We’re now at the stage where things are moving fast and we’re a week away from opening our first revenue stream, good progress has been made, but partnering with another brilliant tech mind is going to accelerate things even more.

We’re hoping to bring on an additional executive-level, equity-based team member with a skillset that fills some of the gaps we believe we currently have, who has differing yet complementary experience we can learn from, and who wants to continue learning and evolving as an entrepreneur themselves.


Check and, demo the site as it stands, and check out our Wordpress plugin by searching for “social icons” or something similar in the store.

What’s live now is only the tip of the iceberg, and we’d love to show you the rest if you’re interested - let’s schedule a Skype call at your convenience.