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Travis Wentworth

London, United Kingdom
Startup stage
Marketing, Business Development, Finance, Management, Product Management, Sales, Technical
About is an innovative online language-learning platform that connects students and teachers from around the world. Or, at least, it will be. We are looking to take on a third co-founder, one who will take on the obviously crucial role of developing the technology that will make this thing work. You'll be joining an existing team of two -- one with a background in marketing, one with a background in e-learning and second language acquisition. We have a very clear idea of how the site will function, but we need a talented programmer to help us bring it to life. You'll build up the site, and we'll do everything else (branding, aesthetics, product design, copywriting, marketing, fundraising, customer service, admin, recruitment, etc etc). This company will differentiate itself through superior technology and design. There are many adjacent markets to expand into once the language-learning platform has been developed. For the right person, we're prepared to offer a sizeable equity stake in the company. This is important to us, because we want you to feel like you're an integral part of the company with a huge stake in its success.

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