Trent Niemeyer

Boulder, Colorado, US

Trent's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Trent

I'm currently looking for a complimentary cofounder. My strengths are writing and scaling software, building teams, data analysis, and business development. My ideal cofounder is a sales/marketing optimist and looking to build more than a 'me too' business. I've been working at startups as a developer and executive for over 10 years. I'm keenly interested in technology and starting a tech business, but I'd consider other opportunities if the personality fit is right. The team is paramount in my book.

Not too long ago I was an avid participant in triathlon, competing in half a dozen ironmans. Now, I mostly try to stay active and 'adventure ready'.

I also enjoy traveling and have been developing a simple search engine based on narrative travel blogs. If you can help me find a business model for trusted travel planning discovery, I've got 2 months head start on an MVP focused on Africa for now.


University of Arizona

Systems Engineering

2002 - 2002