Trevor Craft

Athens, Georgia, US

I know you've all heard it before but... I have a brilliant idea.
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I'm an ENTP if you're into myers briggs types (look it up if you've never heard of it!). I've dabbled with affiliate marketing websites and ecommerce in the past and still am on the side for some income but I've never been outrageously successful (never exceeded $2000 per month in gross revenue). Lately though I've become distracted by a much larger idea. I always have kept a list of all my "brilliant" ideas for starting a business around thinking just having the list might conjure up some neat ones. Up until this idea I speak of it was a list of mediocre maybes, all of which could make for sustainable businesses I'm sure if properly executed, but nothing really noteworthy.

I'm a natural idea guy. I see the world the way it is and can make incredible connections. I don't mean to toot my own horn but I feel like this skill is severely undervalued by all the people who wish they had it and so they claim they do. So when you hear someone say this the connotation is that they're a dreamer bum who doesn't want to do anything but intense mental masturbation. That's not me. I have executed and I will execute on this with or without a partner, however the very act of finding a partner is the first step I'd like to accomplish in executing it.

Now, the idea... well I'm not sure how to put it. It's perfect. The best way I can think of putting it to explain its magnitude to you is that it'd be Google's number 1 competitor, along with several other highly acclaimed Silicon Valley heavy weights, if it were to get off the ground properly.

I'm confident this can be done. It won't be easy of course but the greatest things never are. I'm looking for someone who is essentially just a brilliant engineer. Who codes in their dreams. Who thinks of a nice night off as writing up code to create some random pet project. I need to find a programmer with exceptional capabilities who is also looking for a businessman with an exceptional idea, character, and drive.

Anyway please don't hesitate to contact me if you're curious, that's why we're here after all.


"[Outrageous] Success is not for the chosen few, it is for the few who choose." - Paul Tobey


University of Georgia

Management Information Systems

2015 - 2019