Trevor Pyle

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Trevor's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Trevor

A few months ago I was in a doctoral level medical program. Up until that point I had spend years taking rigorous science courses and going through a very competitive admissions process. A few years before I was headed to grad school, I started having thoughts of entrepreneurship. A few months into school I found myself studying relevant tech stacks, business operations and fundraising rather than spending time in the cadaver lab. I made a very tough, but rewarding decision to leave graduate school and pursue a career in tech. I started working at Contactually within weeks of leaving school. I working in a consultative saas role at Contactually. I consistently exceed my goals at Contactually. I have a passion for communicating with users and figuring out their pain. My communication skills allow me to be adept at understanding user needs and explain a company ideology to potential fundraisers. I work closely with the business development team and the transparency of the company allows me to observe/understand a successful and well funded start up. While Contactually is great, I desire the fulfillment creating something from the ground floor would bring. Reach out to me. I am happy to go over my experience more in depth. No matter what, I am always happy to talk and meet new folks.