Trey Gibson

Dallas, Texas, US

Trey's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Trey

I know what you are already thinking… 

“Great, another sales guy with an idea that needs somebody to build it for free.”  

Not this time!  And here’s why…

What started out as a solution to help my previous company solve a huge problem has turned into a full time job because of the amount of interest from across the world.  I am a non-technical guy and managed to find a decent offshore dev team to get the software to where it is now.  I have been actively selling it for 2 months and have over 150 paying customers and 30% growth each month thus far.

I know that without a rock solid technical partner this company will not reach its potential.  I am not proficient at the technical side of things and that is where you come in.  My focus needs to be on business development and marketing while you manage the project from a tech standpoint.  

More details on the opportunity:
- I am an expert in the industry we are selling to
- You will have a direct impact on the future success of this company
- Product/Market fit found and potential is HUGE
- Thousands of customers waiting on continued iterations

Who I am looking for?
- An experienced, devoted and passionate technologist who is located in the DFW area
- You are passionate about creating a game changing product that has an impact
- Able to do the work and also manage a team
- Will work side by side with me to continue to provide iterations based on customer feedback

I do not expect you to work for free therefore will be offering a salary and equity.  The reward will be worth whatever risk is involved as the only way it can fail is if we don’t execute.

I would prefer this person to be very proficient in .NET and have good working knowledge of other technologies such as web development and mobile applications.  Not necessarily how to code but able to effectively manage a contractor in that area.

Current Stack:
- iOS and Android Native Apps
 -.NET Web Application 

If you have any more questions definitely reach out via phone or email