Trey Sisson

New York, New York, US

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Product Management
Business Development

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About Trey

We believe that conversational commerce is only just beginning. Commerce is changing very rapidly and consumers are getting more connecting to the products they buy. We believe in the power of messaging as a tool to build strong connections and loyalty with brands and people.

Brands are changing how they market to consumers and are looking more and more to influencers as advocates and distribution channels for their products. The problem is that influencers are paid to promote products via their social media channels, which are not built for commerce.

We know there is a better way. We've proven this concept by creating the brand "Stefan's Head". We created an influencer out of thin air named "Stefan". He curated and sold products via SMS and built a following that listened to his tastes, and engaged at a high rate.

We're taking this concept and creating a platform for real influencers to offer content and products to their fans/followers, and for the first time, truly understand their audience.

We're going to incorporate the power of messaging in a unique way that will allow influencers to engage top fans/followers and cultivate their personal brands even more.

We're looking for a technical co-founder to join us in building a business that will shift the way commerce, media, influencers and messaging intersect.


Carnegie Mellon Univeristy

Information Systems

2007 - 2007

Carnegie Mellon Univeristy

MS, Management Information Systems

2007 - 2007

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania


2015 - 2015