Tricia Ang

Boulder, Colorado, US

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Product Management

About Tricia

Hi, I'm the product manager for nBlank and we've recently developed a smartphone case with an E-Ink or E-Reader display (same technology as Amazon Kindle 1st generation) that's been getting a lot of traction from the International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2014 show held in Vegas every year. If you're interested in this connected device we've created, you can check it out at

We are in the process of developing the final pre-production unit for retail. There's interest from retailers worldwide (especially Europe) to carry this smart-case / smartphone accessory. Some of the benefits are:
- added personalization with Photo Slideshow feature (display all your fav pics)
- display map, shopping lists, daily horoscope or even your favorite quote of the day
- capturing photos and images in black and white

Current product development for iPhone 5/5S is 90% complete. Maybe interested in partnering to develop a smartcase for Android/Samsung devices, iPhone 5c or the perhaps even the next generation iPhone (6?).

We are looking for partners that wish to partake in joint product development to create different retail shelf-ready versions for this technology and even better, introduce us to their sales distribution channels.

Private labeling opportunities are available. We will have our own retail shelf-ready version called the Blank Slate in 3-4 months. Looking for product development and sales distribution opportunities.

Happy to share more data. Product demo of the existing prototype: