Tristan Baker

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Tristan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Tristan

Hello, im Tristan. Years prior I created an outlet for entertainers, Citified Entertainment. It made since considering I grew up in a quite colorful household. My father often filled the silence with Myles Davis or the Jackson 5. My mother was a movie buff; Spike Lee quickly became my favorite director. I met Spike as a kid auditioning for the Malcolm X bioptic; been chasing him since. Nevertheless Citified was years in the making.

Citified Entertainment was created in 2007. Citified means; of, relating to, or characteristic of a sophisticated urban style of living. The plan is to take any place, project, or idea and fuse the excitement only a lively city can provide. Our sole purpose is to entertain. Citified seeks to work with creators of all genres to push forth their visions. We too develop intellectual property with the objective to incorporate uncharted talents from across the nation. As a multi-service production company we assist creators in many facets from project outlines all the way down to production and editing. It’s as simple as a phone call or e-mail to get rolling. Our core values are to inspire, learn, teach, and expose. Citified is here to break new acts as well as celebrate rising talent. Our team is accomplished with Degrees in Business Management (BS), Graphic Design (BA), and Entertainment Business (MS). We are connected across the country in various aspects of the Entertainment Industry, yet we are growing everyday. I would love to collide knowledge and resources to bring Citified to life; I look forward to hearing from you.